Quality Standards

When the entire process of industrialization of a Sensoglass pH sensor is completed, begins the process of quality control, where all parts are individually tested and their approval only occurs when a sensor meets the three requirements below: isopotential: 15 mV Slope:> 97% Response time: <10 seconds Quality guaranteed. Sensoglass products have 12 months warranty against manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover any transport costs and does not ensure the exchange of parts with cracks or breakage due to misuse or divergent applications to those defined for each specific model, for any damage or contamination and deficiency of cleaning and maintenance.






In order to ensure the quality of equipment and sensors, Sensoglass developed some important tools for the control of manufacturing parts. Thus, in addition to the commitment to continuously improve its industrial processes, the company offers a unique identification of parts, totally inviolable.


Become a reseller


Meet some reasons that may be decisive for your choice:


• The Sensoglass Analytical Sensors is a solid brand serving the national market since 1994;


• The know-how of the company is made up by the experience of three generations of professionals;


• Our sales policy is directed exclusively to the reseller market. We do not sell to the final consumer;


• Our products are manufactured in our factory, located in São Paulo/Brazil, providing a fast and efficient logistics for nationwide and international.


• Our quality standards are applied uniquely, piece by piece, with an identification able to trace the entire process of manufacturing and sales;


• Our aftermarket policy covers from our resellers to end users;


• Our pricing policy is serious and stable, facilitating the buying process;


• As we are manufacturers and possess unique expertise in the manufacture of analytical sensors, we have greater ability to develop projects that suit your needs and of your customers.


Be our reseller, we have an immense satisfaction in our partnership loyalty.


Please contact our sales department directly by telephone +55 11 2262-6208 and +55 11 2952-7828, or click here and fill out your registration, we will contact you as soon as possible.


Carlos Eduardo Lopes

Commercial Director