Know Sensoglass

Sensoglass Analytical Sensors is a company with a 100% national capital specialized in developing and manufacturing analytical sensors with high-quality and performance for all types of applications.

On the market since 1994, the company operates and invests its technical and operational knowledge in the development of sensors for measuring pH, conductivity and ORP. Working in various sectors of the chemical and petrochemical industry, laboratories, agriculture, cosmetics, fine chemicals, quality control, industrial processes, water treatment for consumption, reuse and disposal, recreation and the environment, among others.

Sensoglass has a professional staff available to identify your needs and provides the best solution for measuring pH, conductivity and ORP, and offers a complete line of supplies such as buffers, cleaning and maintenance, among others.

More than measuring equipment, the aim of Sensoglass is offer to your company a national solution, permanent and with high quality in analytical sensors, which only who is PhD in pH can offer!