pH Sensors

In 1909, the founder of the modern concept of pH, the Danish biochemist S.P.L Sorensen found that the pH is essential for many enzymatic processes.

It was clear that, as the chemical reactions of industries and laboratories, many processes in nature are pH dependent. An example is the cleavage of sugar cane using invertase.

The pH influences on the pigmentation of certain dyes. In the case of some plants, even the cyanidin chloride which gives a blue tone to flower species is responsible for the red color of roses. This is because the cyanidin chloride is blue in a high pH and red at low pH. It is essential to living organisms that biological fluids be maintained within a narrow pH range.

The disinfection of swimming pool water can be performed using a chlorinated compound. However, to ensure optimal efficiency of chlorine and to avoid irritated eyes, the pH of the water should be at a certain specific value.

In galvanic baths, for quality and efficiency, it is extremely important the correct pH. The pH plays a key role when these galvanizing baths waste metals precipitate in the water.

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